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Few years ago I watched "The Social Network" - movie about the founding of Facebook. In one scene, the Harvard University director said: "It is better to invent a job than to find a job."
I agree 100% but not everyone is capable of starting and running private business. Because of that - today we have situation that over 85% of adults are not happy with their jobs.

So, let's say that the best "solution" for most of the people is between these two... Working for some company from comfort of your home is as good as being your own boss, but without problems that come with running a company. It's the story of my life - started making money online back in 2004. when I was 21 years old and never stopped until today...

At GoBossYourself.com I will show you various ways to make money from home. I will provide You with the list of trusted companies, tutorials, advices... Everything You might need to become Your own Boss - or to Go Boss Yourself :)

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Revenue: $10 - $15 for each tested website
Difficulty: Hard
Other: Must be fluent in English, have microphone and fast Internet connection

Testing websites and Apps is one of the best ways to make money from home with very high revenue potential... Read more...

Revenue: Few cents - half a US Dollar per finished job
Difficulty: Medium - Hard

Article with list of websites/companies that will pay You for writing texts and articles. Read more...

Revenue: Few cents - half a US Dollar per translating job
Difficulty: Medium - Hard

Make money by translating texts and articles from one language to another. Read more...

Revenue: Few cents / day - Few $1000 US Dollars a month
Difficulty: Easy - Medium - Hard (depending of game)
Other: These games are serious business and to have big profits You have to invest big money

Are You one of casual gamers who always wanted to be able to make some money by playing video games? Now You can do it... Read more...

Revenue: I make $0.20 - $0.40 / day
Difficulty: Very Easy
Other: Requires Android Phone with Internet Access

Make money by renting lock screen of Your Android phone to company that will display Advertisements on it. Read more...

Revenue: $0.02 - $0.05 for every liked fan page
Difficulty: Very Easy
Other: You will lose part of revenue if You unlike pages later

Almost everyone has Facebook profile... Did You know that it is possible to make money by liking Facebook fan pages? Read more...

Revenue: Points that can be exchanged for rewards
Difficulty: Easy
Other: For USA residents only

Read this article to find out how to make money by listening to online radio... Read more...

Revenue: $0.01 every 30 minutes
Difficulty: Very Easy (Open Radio and Leave it)
Other: Must fill captcha code every 30 minutes

Read this article to find out how to make money by listening to online radio... Read more...

Revenue: Up to few US Dollars / hour
Difficulty: Medium - Hard
Other: Inconsistent revenue because of "You Do Not Qualify For This Survey" surveys.

Making money by taking paid surveys is potentially one of the most profitable jobs You can do online. Read more...

Revenue: $0.005 for watching 30 seconds long video
Difficulty: Very Easy
Other: /

Watching YouTube videos every day can be more then just time wasting activity - it can also earn You some money... Read more...

Revenue: Up to 20-30 cents a day
Difficulty: Very Easy

Make money by following other people's Twitter accounts, twitting, retwitting, etc. Read more...

Revenue: $0.10 for 30 seconds of listening
Difficulty: Very Easy
Other: Too little songs to listen

Listen to the songs created by amateur artists/bands and get paid for doing it. Read more...

Revenue: Up to few cents a day from clicking 20-30 ads
Difficulty: Very Easy

Making money by clicking ads (paid to click as others call it) is one of the oldest and easiest ways to earn cash online. Read more...

Revenue: $0.005 / trailer watched
Difficulty: Very Easy
Other: Daily revenue is limited to only few cents, after that You can watch trailers but You get nothing

Making money by watching trailers of upcoming movies, games, apps etc... Good idea but too low revenue potential. Read more...

Revenue: NONE (SCAM)
Difficulty: /
Other: /

Making money by processing emails from home is one of the first scams I will list here... Read more...